About Sherman Holding

Sherman Holding’s mission is to provide the highest standard IT solutions services for all kinds of business portfolio, designed to every organization’s needs.

With Sherman Holding managing your company’s IT system and facilities, you can focus more on running the most important business practices and leave the rest of IT processes to us. You can be assured that we are using the most efficient approach for your company to have the best overall performance.


We are expert in providing organizations the needed information and business processes through creation, management and optimization

Microsoft 365

Allows you to use best-in-class productivity apps that will help your business. With powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security in one

Cloud Consulting

We will help you select the right cloud solutions that integrate efficiently and deliver optimal return on your organization’s technology investment.

Website and Apps

We can develop and manage efficient and powerful website and mobile applications based on your business needs.

Technical Support

You can count on our dedicated and experienced IT specialists during business hours to attend to any of your system-related concerns.

Manage Network

We support in managing your company’s installed system network that includes monitoring your network infrastructure, checking efficiency of setup devices like LAN routers and modems, it’s security, among the others.

Manage System

We provide management services of your IT system in general. We know how crucial this is and we are willing to make sure it’s security so you can continue on your business.

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